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Frequently Asked Questions

What if the tool already has a trial?

Anything you get on our site is in addition to any trial the tool already has. If a tool has a one-month trial and you purchase a one-month trial from us, then you will get an additional one month on top of the month they already provide.

Am I able to share my upgrade with others?

Each purchase is for the individual only, and as per the terms of use, cannot be shared with others.

Can I buy another upgrade for the same tool?

Each tool can be purchased only one time per user, but you can always come back and purchase some other tools!

Do I have to use my upgrade right away?

You will be sent all the information you need directly after your purchase, but you do not need to use all the upgrades right away. Most tools do however have some sort of window in which you need to use it.

Do I need to enter my credit card information for these trials?

In most cases, no. We try really hard to only partner with edtech tools that will not require you to enter credit card information when you sign up for their premium trial. This way, you can let the trial period expire without worrying about being charged automatically to continue that premium membership.

Does it matter if I'm a new or returning user for an edtech tool I've purhcased?

Nope! It doesn't matter if you're a brand new user or if you've previously signed up for a selected edtech tool, you will still get the extra upgrade time.