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What is myedtechbundle (METB) all about?

At METB, you can get premium mini-subscriptions to the best edtech tools available today for FREE.  That's right, grab as many tools as you want at no cost! You can also download several tools at once (we call that a bundle) to see what you like best!

What does Quizalize do?

Create your quiz in minutes and engage your class with fun, standards-tagged quizzes. Get instant data on student mastery and automatically assign differentiated follow-up activities.  Click here to see how it works!

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Our Mini-Subscription

This download is a $18 value and gives you access to the full suite of features available with Premium Teachers Plan for 3 months.  Check out the Quizalize Pricing Page to see why our mini-subscription is a great deal!

Classroom Lecture

Recommended Bundles

See what the top edu-celebrities are saying about Quizalize and the tools they recommend to try with it!  Get mini-subscriptions to all 3 of these tools, with us, for free, TODAY.

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